Oase Fountain Jets & Nozzles for All Water Fountains from Small to Massive. Just the Very Best There Is...

Collage Oase FountainsIf you want to invest in a magnificent eye-catching, thrilling water feature then Oase can make the dream come true.

The range of fountainheads from this remarkable German engineering company have to be seen to be believed.

I have had the privilege of visiting the factory of Oase on a number of occasions and always leave being more impressed than ever.

We are certainly proud of the fact that we have been suppliers of rock-like water features to Oase for the last 10 years or so

 If you click any of the links below you will go to a page containing all the technical details required. These details will help you design your own water feature... no matter what the size.

All About Fountains Learn all you need to know to help you select the right fountain
Oase Nozzles and Jets Introduction to Oase Water Fountains & Pond Fountain Selection
Constructing Fountains... Important Principles
Fountains Designs & Installations
Fountain Pumps Basics
Small Fountains
Large Fountains
Fountain Display Arrangements
Floating Fountains
Jumping Jet Fountains
Large Waterfalls
Fountainhead Style Click to go to the detail page for each water fountain nozzle arrangement
Komet Multijet Komet Single Jet Nozzles
Hollow jets from Oase Hollow Single Jet Nozzles for Extreme Height in a Fountain
Plastic Vulkan Jet or Nozzle Vulkan Plastic Multi Jets
Calyx Flower Fountain Oase 1/2" Fountain Nozzles: Calix, Lava, Foam & Vulkan jets
Vulkan Metal Multi Jet Vulkan Metal Multi Jets
Finger Jets from oase Multi Finger Jets
Multi Jet Oase Ring Nozzles Multi Ring Jets
Pirouette Nozzle Multi Pirouette Jets
Lave Bell Jet Oase Lava Jet Nozzles for Bell Fountains
Gushing Nozzle 115-15 T Oase Single Gushing Nozzle 115-15T
Calyx Metal Jet Oase Metal Calyx Nozzle 70T
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